MS Office 365 Business Solutions

MS Office 365 Business Solutions

Office 365 from Microsoft provides business with the ability to run number of critical services on the cloud. All these services are hosted in very secure data centers based around the world for redundancy.

Microsoft Office 365 lets you access your email, important documents, contacts, and calendar from almost anywhere and on any device. Designed to meet the needs of your business—from simple office needs to complex compliance requirements—Office 365 lets you choose which tools are right for you.

IT-Mate can help you migrate your current Email and SharePoint data from its current location to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud.

Benefits of Office 365

  • Latest familiar Microsoft Office applications
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Online and Offline access
  • Sync across multiple devices
  • 50GB Mailboxes
  • 1TB One Drive storage
  • SharePoint Online