Medical and Dental Practice IT Support

Medical and Dental Practice IT Support

Medical practices and patients reply on technology every day to ensure quality of care.

IT-Mate can provide IT support services and solutions to suit all types of medical practices from GP Clinics, Dental Clinics to Specialized Clinics. Our technical staff has extensive experience in providing support to all major medical/dental software packages.


  • Advice, design and implementation of new medical practices
  • Review, advice and improve efficiency, performance and reliability of current practices
  • Procure, Supply and Install IT equipment required my practices
  • Supply and setup secure Guest Wifi for patients and visitors
  • Build custom website and marketing for Medical practices

Supported Software

  • Medical director/ PracSoft
  • Helix
  • Best Practice
  • Genie Solutions
  • ZedMed
  • Dental4Windows
  • Gensolve
  • Coreplus
  • Health Engine
  • PenCS