Connecting businesses.

At IT-Mates Solutions, we established our reputation by providing high-quality hardware and excellent customer service.  We have now expanded the business range to include Web Development, Database management, Internet services and IP Telephony.

That means our customers can call on us to source, design, install, restore, maintain, repair and expand their IT and communications hardware and software.

We know that small businesses with up to 100 employees, would rather deal with one person when they need solutions for their IT, internet and telephony. They simply need to use our expertise for all of these services instead of spending time and money on sourcing multiple providers.

At IT Mate Solutions we love the challenge of problem solving. We believe in making our clients’ processes simple and easy to use. We manage the complex backend so you can enjoy on-screen ease.

We’re committed to having your business grow by providing the technology to support that growth!

Managed IT Services

IT-Mate solution provides Managed IT services for small to mid-size businesses located all round Victoria. All our support staff are based in Melbourne, Australia. We take full responsibility for the integration, enhancement and evolution of all your IT assets which will help you grow your business reducing cost and increase profitability. We become your Virtual IT Department allowing you to focus on running your business efficiently.

Web and Application Solutions

With thousands of online tools, we can analyse your business and give you the perfect and cost effective solutions. Including small business websites using opensource content management systems and large complex custom applications. The solutions offered are designed to be flexible, scalable, measurable and customized towards your business objectives. They are geared towards providing greater return to your investment along with reduction of capital and operational costs.

Managed VOIP Solutions

Our team are well trained in providing support for most common IP telephony system in the market. These include Cisco Jabber, Mitel & 3CX. We are also a 3CX certified partner who can provide full 3CX IP Telephony solutions to any size business. With the rollout of the NBN old PSTN phone systems will become obsolete. We can help your setup latest VOIP based phone system with full PBX functionality.

IT Security

Protecting your network from all network vulnerabilities is most critical in the current business environment. Since all business rely so much on IT for their day to day activities it’s critical that we identify and eliminate security risk before they affect.
IT-Mate provides the most advanced multi-layered network security services & solutions for small to mid-size businesses. We can customize a security solution suitable to your requirement and budget.