it-mate solutions provides comprehensive services for managing an organization's data network which includes designing, configuring and ongoing management of the network, monitoring and administration of servers, routers, databases, application platforms ensuring maximum availability of business-critical data and equipments.

On-site & Remote Services
We come to you at your convenience to resolve issues that cannot be fixed remotely. We monitor your servers and network critical assets remotely and inform you of any failures in order to resolve them. Using remote access software, we can provide remote support for the PCs and servers

Maintenance & Remote Monitoring

Like any other mechanical equipments computers too need regular maintenance. We will remotely monitor your network servers & other equipments regularly to keep them functioning optimally and keep you informed of their health.

IT Consultation & Solutions
We provide consultation and business solutions in the area of SME's IT requirements.

Computer/Notebook Sales & Services
We assist you find the appropriate hardware along with the software to suit your business needs at an affordable cost. We also provide after sales service.

Server Sales & Services (Custom Built & Branded)
We are partners with major server vendors to provide you high performance servers at a reasonable cost. We can also custom build low end servers to suit your budget.

LAN/WAN Design & Implementation
With our wide range of experience onboard we will design & implement the right LAN or WAN infrastructure for your business for a better connectivity & stability. We have also partnered with some corporate Internet Service Providers to provide the best outcome for your business. Some connectivity options are Fiber Optics, SHDSL, BDSL, ADSL, ADSL2+

Wireless & Mobile Computing
Work & play, anywhere & everywhere. In other words, Modern age computing. We can configure your mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDA, notebooks etc to keep you connected back to your network.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam/Anti-Spyware Solutions
At present there are many ways an intruder will try to get in to your network or computer remotely and exploit your system. Our Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam solutions will control or eliminate these kind of attacks before reaching the user on your network.

VPN, Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Solutions

We have partnered with major manufacturers such as Juniper, Cisco, Sonicwall, Astaro and many other Firewall manufacturers to protect your network from intruders, Trojans, Viruses, etc. We can stop them before entering your network. Our VPN solutions will enable your mobile users, interstate users or allow you to work from home or hotel as being in the office with access to your emails & files etc.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
As much as we would like to forget Disaster recovery, we do take this very seriously and keep things backed up every day to give you a peace of mind, in case of a catastrophic failure. We tailor your backup needs with reliable image, disk or tape backup solutions to suite your budget.

Web Hosting & Domain Management Services
As an add-on we take care of all your web & domain needs with stable web hosting and proper management of your business registered domain. You will not need to hear the jargons from your hosting company anymore.